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Joshua Fields Millburn quit his comfortable corporate job in his thirties to pursue what he truly loved—writing books. In the few years since Joshua excited the corporate business world to work for himself in the book business world, he's developed an impressive readership and author platform at as well as published a number of popular books. Stretching his author entrepreneur wings further, he teamed up with Ryan Nicodemus and Colin Wright (last week's guest) to create Asymmetrical Press, a micro-publishing company. Any way you slice it, Joshua has proven himself a success business-minded author with MBA-like instincts. In this candid chat, Joshua reveals a lot about his transformation into a thriving author entrepreneur, and how you can follow in his footsteps. And for more, find us on Twitter @WinningEdits or #AuthorMBA. Enjoy!

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Colin Wright is a successful author and entrepreneur whose worldly travels inform and inspire his creative projects. Experienced in both creative non-fiction and fiction writing as well as the business-side of books, Colin continues to push the envelope on what authors can achieve when they marry strong writing skills with savvy business skills. His curiosity about the business of books has led him into pursuing a number of fascinating startups in the publishing space, the most recent being Asymmetrical Press with co-founders Joshua and Ryan (The Minimalists). I love Colin's amazing ability to succinctly and vividly describe the conditions affecting writers today; his language, forethought, and approach are refreshing and well tuned into the opportunities facing author entrepreneurs today. Chatting with Colin is always a thrill. I wager you'll enjoy the chat too. And for more, find us on Twitter @WinningEdits or #AuthorMBA. Enjoy!

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Bob Burg is back to talk about what author entrepreneurs can learn from his new book, Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion. Persuasion is at the heart of this book, which all authors and businesspeople need to study and practice if they are to have fulfilling and successful careers. Selling books takes persuasion. Attracting a loyal audience to your author platform takes persuasion. Landing a book agent, traditional publisher, or self-publishing team all require persuasion. The trick, as Bob explains, is not to coerce or manipulate. With Bob's legendary gentle touch, he explains how to approach these readership and business opportunities in a different and more uplifting way. Great ready to enjoy some of the best advice about the business of books from one of the brightest minds in the industry. And for more, find us on Twitter @WinningEdits or #AuthorMBA.

Mignon Fogarty—better known as Grammar Girl—is diversifying her career and business with a new crowdfunding project, Peeve Wars. Peeve Wars is a fun grammar card game that is a beautiful real-world extension of her brand and business. It is also one of the few types of projects that she can run on her own due to her Grammar Girl licensing agreement with Macmillan. In this lively chat, Mignon opens up about her experience with crowdfunding (both the pros and cons), how her Grammar Girl licensing agreement works, when and why authors should consider crowdfunding books, and a whole lot more! Great ready to learn a lot about the expanding world of the business of books. And for more, find us on Twitter @WinningEdits or #AuthorMBA.

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Paul Jarvis is well known for his phenomenal design career. He's also become known for his personable, passionate, and sharp writing. From several popular books to his weekend newsletter reads, Paul pursues writing, publishing, and selling books and content as a grand adventure! From crowdfunding books, to designing books, to treating books as products (or not), to self-publishing strategies and tactics, to selling books direct to your readers, and much more, Paul personifies the attitudes and skills of a true author entrepreneur who operates his writing career as if with an MBA from a prestigious business school. Oh, and he's a hoot to speak with about creative, business, and publishing choices. So plug in and enjoy this energetic chat with a true Author MBA.

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