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January 2014
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Chris Ducker is a seasoned entrepreneur who has developed an authority online for building and leading virtual teams. To propel his author career forward, he's written Virtual Freedom—a book describing the mindset, systems, and tactics entrepreneurs and creative professionals need to know when augmenting their own personal work capacity with virtual teammates. I'm proud to say that I'm Chris' campaign director for Virtual Freedom. In this chat, Chris and I share some behind-the-scenes glimpses into his impressive campaign that's happening right now! Learn in real-time as we explore what's involved in the campaign. We also weave into some of the elements from the book and how authors like you can apply them to your own workflow so that you save yourself from burning out.

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Scott Bales is an accomplished technology thought leader specializing in mobile commerce, user experience, and direct-to-consumer campaigns. He's bringing his expertise to bear with an impressive book project, Mobile Ready, which is entirely financed via crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a tricky world to navigate, especially for authors, and even more so for first-time authors. But Scott's campaign has performed beautifully—it's already past 100% funded and rising. In this chat, Scott and I delve into how he organized his crowdfunding campaign for success, who comprises his independent publishing team, and what else he's learned about the shifting publishing industry through his work on the global stage.
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Derek Sivers is one of the most imaginative and emphatic entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. He's enjoyed great business and book success due to these qualities, which he is now applying to his new publishing venture, Woodegg. Derek epitomizes the persona of an author entrepreneur as he's used his writings and books to not only teach the next generation of entrepreneurs, but also to establish his body of work through continually experimentation. He even joined forces with Seth Godin and wrote a book for Seth's Domino Project back in 2011, which was a major publishing experiment at the time. You're going to love this chat with Derek; it's impossible not to love him.

Josh Kaufman may be the smartest business-minded author alive today. His first two books—Personal MBA and  The First 20 Hours—have been enormous successes, and not only at launch but over time. His track record for consistent and persistent book sales along with a growing reputation as a systems and skill "hacker" make him among the brightest minds to learn from and emulate. In this action-packed, insight-rich talk, Josh and I delve into the fields of adjacent opportunity ripe for many authors (including audio books, AUX, lean platform systems, etc.) as well as fringe skills—like programming skills—for authors that may be the greatest new emergent opportunity yet! If you like this episode, please say so with an iTunes comment for this show. It really helps and I'd appreciate it greatly!

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Sean Platt is the co-author of several engrossing fiction series including Yesterday's GoneThe Beam, and Z 2134. More than just a fiction writer, however, Sean is a savvy publishing professional who has figured out a lot about how Amazon works, the art and science of serialized books, and what it takes to sell bundles of books. With co-author Johnny B. Truant, Sean shares all his publishing advice in Write. Publish. Repeat., the backdrop of our in-depth conversation about writing good books that sell again and again.
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