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Cal Newport believes that the most successful authors, businesspeople, or craftsman in any industry prioritize skill acquisition and development over pursuing blind passion. He's right. An esteemed associate professor and brilliant writer himself, Cal opens up about what it really takes to build and refine a smart author business through such unconventional paradigms as the "craftsmanship mindset" and "the adjacent possible," the very insights he's applied to write beloved books that have sold over collectively over 100,000 copies.

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Tim Grahl works with some of today's most successful authors including Dan Pink, Charles Duhigg, and Hugh Howey. From his vantage point, Tim has learned how these authors engineer their author platforms, engage their audiences, and plan their businesses for current results and sustained growth. Enjoy this look behind the curtain on how influential author businesses are built and run.

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Bob Burg is one of the smartest and most thoughtful authors about building successful careers. Bob's emphasis is on delivering value to others and establishing relationships of trust. His best-selling book The Go-Giver teaches these lessons in delightful parable form. And Bob lives what he teaches; his career is thriving and fulfilling. With bedrocks in giving and goodwill, Bob shares what it takes to writing a popular book that sells itself.

Few in the self-publishing world are as experienced, wise, and respected as Joanna Penn. Although Joanna's books are primarily fiction thrillers, she shares oodles of advice about book marketing, self-publishing, audience building, editing, and more with her non-fiction work under her The Creative Penn brand. Speaking with Joanna is always a delight and opportunity to learn something new about the business of books.

Todd Henry is the beloved creator of the Accidental Creative brand complete with his smash-hit podcast of the same name. I was honored to have Todd on the show to not only discuss his new book Die Empty and how he planned his launch but also to share the better business decisions he's made as he's grown his Accidental Creative brand into a profitable author business. Todd is someone I greatly look up to, as I'm sure you will as well after hearing his insights.

Jeff Goins' popularity began with is blog and has grown into two published books and an active social media following. Now on the speaking circuit and involved in other book-related ventures, Jeff shares insights into how he's running and growing his business as an author entrepreneur. We weave in and out of the business value of traditional book deals, storytelling skills, community building, revenue stream diversification, networking with other authors, and more. You'll walk away from this show buzzing with ideas.

Mignon Fogarty is the creator of Grammar Girl, a much loved brand that includes an acclaimed podcast, podcast network, multiple popular books, huge social media following, and—most recently—a breakthrough iPad app called Grammar Pop. In this revealing chat with Mignon, you'll learn how she manages her business including where she makes the majority of her income these days, why writing books isn't her immediate focus anymore, and why all authors should seriously consider building software products like apps. In addition, you'll discover how she uses social media to grow her author platform by keeping her readers and fans actively engaged. Hosted by Matt Gartland, Founder of Winning Edits.